Oat Mountain 34°19'36"N -- 118°35'05"W -- 3530' AMSL

Oat Mountain is a general name for the entire eastern end of the Santa Susanna Mountain Range, from Mission Point on the east nearly all the way to Ventura County line at the west. This ridge forms the northern boundary to the western San Fernando Valley.

Coverage from Oat Mountain includes all of the San Fernando and most of the Santa Clarita valley, with extended coverage into portions of the Simi Valley and central Los Angeles. The site can be used for link service out of the Los Angeles area to the north and west.

The Communications Relay site has commercial power and telephone service. Our tenants include commercial and amateur operators. Emergency generator power allows for continued power during power outages.

Satellite Image

From San Fernando, take State Route 118 (Simi Valley - San Fernando Valley Freeway) west to the Tampa Ave offramp. Exit the freeway and turn north (right). Go 1.4 miles up Tampa Ave: the Limekiln Canyon entrance to Oat Mountain is just to the left. Teh access road passess through theSouthern California Gas Company and UNOCO property (Aliso Oil Fields). It is approximately five miles to the CRC site.